Monday, August 7, 2017

The Blame Game...

Watching all the local news stations tonight and they all covered Saturday’s flood with the same message…Who’s to Blame?  Blame the Sewer & Water Board for not having all pumps functioning, blame the levee board for not starting the outfall canal pumps, blame the city for not using more of FEMA money from Katrina on drainage improvements…yada, yada, yada.   Could it be LOCATION is to blame?  I say we blame it on the French since they located NOLA in the wrong spot.   With 80% of the city below sea level, what do you think heavy rains will cause?   Filling up the bowl.  No amount of pumping could have prevented Saturday’s flooding.  6-10” falling in only 2-3 hours will easily overwhelm our pumping capacity.   The city nor the Fed. Government can pay enough to pump enough.  We are located in the wrong spot.  So what’s a fella to do?  Move?  Forget about it!  This is home.  What I suggest is businesses & home owners at risk for high water take some personal responsibility and invest in new products that I’ve seen at hurricane conferences & home shows.   They’re called water dams (Quick Dam, Aqua Dam) that can be set up quickly in front of doorways/garages to keep the water out.  They are not that expensive and can be used over and over again.  So instead of hearing the same old excuses the next time it floods, go on line and look up water dams.  They work and you won’t have to depend on government the next time we get heavy rains.


As mentioned last night, Franklin was going to form.  This is not a storm we need to worry about as it will stay far to our south.  However, the European model is suggesting 99L out in the central Atlantic might be an issue for the U.S. East coast early next week.   None of the models bring a threat into the Gulf so it would be a storm that we watch, but not worry about.   Just a heads up in case you have travel plans along the east coast from Florida to the Carolinas for next week.  Stay tuned!


Yikes, I really hate August because that’s when we historically see the highest water content in the atmosphere coupled with the lack of air movement.  Any storms that do form are slow movers & very efficient rain makers.  Usually by the 3rd to 4th week in September we see the transition to Fall begin.   Until then, it’s frequent (indoor)showers, lots of deodorant & change underwear often!  Oh, and use common sense when doing any activity outside.  You must stay hydrated. 

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