Thursday, August 3, 2017

Where is Summer?

As I walked Bailey this evening between showers, it actually felt rather comfortable.  This is, historically, the hottest 2 weeks of the year yet we failed to get beyond the middle 80s.  Granted, todays showers & cloud cover were the reasons it stayed less hot, but over all, it has not been the brutal summer we have all come to love & hate.   Each day we stay below 90 is another day closer to Fall.   Friday looks to be much like today with above normal clouds & showers resulting in below normal temps.   There’s still plenty of time for real summer to return before the fall fronts start coming.  We are currently dealing with the remains of a stalled front.  The daylight (Visible) satellite loop clearly showed a weak circulation near Lafayette that could enhance our Friday shower chances.  Drier conditions should move back over us for the weekend.


Signs continue to indicate that the Tropics will become active during the next 7-14 days.  NHC has 2 areas to watch with one over the eastern Caribbean & the other way out in the Atlantic.   Neither appears to be headed our way, but it’s far too early to say no problems.   If you are planning a trip out of town during August or September, just understand, this is the time of the year “stuff happens”.   You need to have a plan in place with a relative or neighbor who can protect your property in the event a storm threatens.  Stay tuned!

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