Monday, September 25, 2017

Maria, Lee & Football...

With all that has been going on regarding players sitting/kneeling during the national anthem, look up Drew Brees on You Tube.   I agree with Drew.  Players have the right, but chose the wrong venue.  Our flag needs to stand for unity & should not be used to divide.  Show respect for other people’s rights & opinions, but don’t use the Flag as your voice for disapproval.   With all the options of social media available now, there is no need to bring our flag into the discussion.  Perhaps Drew for President?


Maria & Lee are still churning out in the Atlantic.   Maria is crawling slowly to the north and slowly weakening while lee is drifting way out in the Atlantic, but getting slightly stronger.   Only the Carolina coast will be impacted by Maria with Lee only a threat to shipping.   Elsewhere, nothing is happening and models are showing no development during the next 7-10 days.  Several are hinting something might form over the western Caribbean or southern Gulf in days 10-14.   We are in the final week of September and history is on our side once into October.  Since the 1880s till now, there have been only 2 major Hurricane cross the Louisiana coast in October, both (1893 & 1964) happened in the 1st week.   Any storm that happens later in the month isn’t usually as strong, plus they are more likely to be steered east of us.  I’ll feel much better when the fronts start coming.  The one coming on Friday is not gonna be that strong, but we’ll take any little bit of cooler and drier air.  For the next 3 days we’ll stay summer-like.   Stay tuned!

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