Thursday, September 28, 2017

Nate is Next Up in Batter's Box...

As Maria and Lee finally depart, models keep hinting that something will emerge just south of Cuba and move up Florida’s east coast.  Right now we are protected by an upper low over the eastern Gulf that will steer anything that might develop to our east.   So in the short term, our weak cold front will push through overnight bringing slightly cooler and drier air for the next 2 days.  High pressure will build in over the Great Lakes and NE acting as a block to any development over the southern Gulf.    Down the road, models again hint at development for NEXT weekend, but also bring down our next REAL cold front around the 14-15th.   I am feeling a little better seeing signs that colder air may be coming our way, but until that is confirmed, we’ll need to monitor the western Caribbean and southern Gulf.   Historically this is where storms form at this time of the year.   Stayed tuned!


Went to my ENT Doc (Anthony Scalco) who told me I probably have a reaction to RAGWEED which is high at this time of the year.  I recall my late  Father having a ragweed allergy where he could not stop sneezing…10-12 times in a row.   His doctor gave him some drugs that helped and today I got my usual “butt shot” of steroids.  I’m feeling much improved already tonight.    I know many of you have year round allergies and I’m just grateful that mine only kick in during Fall and early Spring.  


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