Friday, September 29, 2017

Nate Not Likely For Now...

Yesterday I indicated our next name storm (Nate) might develop with a disturbance moving off of Cuba northward into Florida.   That appears less likely today as a well-defined upper low sits over the eastern Gulf creating lots of wind shear.  That should limit any development of this system.  What is likely to happen is a large high centered over the Great Lakes will build southward.  The moisture streaming over Florida will be blocked and re-routed westward towards us.   We’ll see increasing winds and rain chances beginning on Sunday lasting for several days.  The strong east winds blowing for many days will create high tides resulting in local flooding outside the levee protection system.   The interaction between this westward moving tropical wave and the large high to the north may prompt the NWS to issue a coastal flood watch early next week.   Farther out, models are hinting another disturbance will move out of the western Caribbean NEXT WEEKEND and head northward, either into the eastern Gulf or over Florida.   The good news for us is a much stronger cold front is projected to blast through forcing whatever forms well to our east.  That should finally end our tropical season and so I placed a call into the “Fat Lady” to get ready.  Seems she was at the “craps table” {figures!) at one of the Biloxi Casinos but she assures me her voice is ready to sing “Turn Out The Lights…”   Stay Tuned!


Been watching a lot of the coverage regarding Puerto Rico and the bashing of FEMA for their slow response.   I know it’s easy to be critical, but what I see is a FEMA that had to respond to 2 major Hurricanes (Harvey & Irma) that clobbered Texas & Florida and they seemed to be way more prepared than the FEMA pre-Katrina.  Now along comes a direct hit to Puerto Rico from Maria.  What’s the difference in response?   Logistics.   Texas & Florida are connected land masses where supplies could be brought in by trucks, trains, planes & boats.  Puerto Rico is an ISLAND where the only way supplies can get in are by boat & planes.    Can we, should we do better? Absolutely, but it’s easy to be critical.  This has just been an awful year for major hurricane impacts.  I suggest without having Harvey & Irma ahead of it, the response to Maria would have been much stronger.  That is not meant as an excuse.   Lives are at stake and the full resources of our government are needed for many more weeks.  Plus, let’s not forget Texas & Florida.   We have been there and know the recovery process very well.

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