Monday, October 9, 2017

After Nate...a Lull...

The good news is Nate is Gone and there is nothing showing up in the Gulf or Caribbean.  Ophelia has formed way out in that Atlantic but will stay well out to sea.  As we get deeper into October, the wind shear becomes the main factor in tropical activity.   Right now there is lots of shear over the Gulf.  There is an upper low north of Puerto Rico moving to the west and one model brings that system into to the Gulf this weekend.  However, we’ll have a blocking high to the north and , IF something were to form, it would be forced westward away from the Louisiana coast.  I have asked the “Fat Lady” to come back home but she has a gig with Donny & Marie in Branson this week so she can’t come back until next week.   By then, it’ll be time to sing “turn out the lights…”    The front coming thru late Wednesday will not have any cold air, but should lower our humidity from these awful August-like readings.   The next real front should arrive after the 15-16th and that will put the nail on the coffin for this hurricane season.  Amazing after my last blog that there are still those with little, if any, training giving their opinion as to what will happen regarding the rest of hurricane season.     One fella said it was “east Gulfport” not east of Gulfport.  C’mon, that’s like saying it was New Orleans East instead of east of New Orleans.  Really frustrating dealing with the general public.   As John Coleman (founder of The Weather Channel & my mentor) once told me, “if you try and please all, you’ll end up pleasing no one”.   So true John.  Stay tuned!

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