Saturday, October 7, 2017

Mid Day Update on Nate

Really don’t have much to add.   Greatest danger remains MS/AL/FL  coasts, however, since we now can follow the center of Nate on radar, he still hasn’t made the turn yet.   The next 3-4 hours will be the time for the turn to happen, otherwise NOLA would receive more impacts than NHC & all computer models are forecasting.   The main Gulf buoy directly south of us about 200+ miles at 89.7 west longitude has RISING pressures, which might indicate Nate is beginning the turn to the north?  FYI, I decided NOT to close my shutters, but I have moved all my potted plants into my back shed so they won’t break off in the wind gusts to 40+.    The 1 PM center update now says Nate has reached 88.9 west but he still has NOT made the turn.   I suspect NHC will shift the 4 PM center line track back farther to the west meaning parts of Metro NOLA will likely see winds gusting to 60+ after 6 pm through midnight.   This will likely cause numerous power outages just as dark approaches.  The 1st band of heavy squalls will move over downtown within the hour and what we need to monitor is will any “training” of storms occur?  These are heavy rain bands so if a band sits over you for several hours, street flooding will happen.   It’s watch and wait time now.   Next update at 4 PM.  Stay tuned!

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