Sunday, October 22, 2017

More Fronts Coming, Tropics Not Done...

As I mentioned several blogs ago, there could be another 2-3 named storms before the season is over.  With cold fronts coming, the northern Gulf coast is protected from storms coming our way.  NHC is suggesting the central Caribbean could see low pressure form in the 4-5 day time frame and move northward towards Cuba.  If it were to develop, its name would be Philippe.    Checking water temperatures around us find Lake Pontchartrain has now cooled into the mid to upper 70s.   The Gulf is still plenty warm with temps in the low to mid 80s, but what has changed is the increased wind shear.  Any storm that might enter the Gulf in late October or November will be steered far to our south and east.  The “Fat Lady” has sung and man was she good!


Back to our fronts…one came through this morning and will make for a pleasantly mild Monday.  A stronger surge of cold air arrives during the day on Tuesday with increasing northerly winds that will last into Wednesday.  Lows will dip into the 40s on the North Shore with 50s south.  The chill won’t last with a warm up for Thursday & Friday before our next front plows through on Saturday.   I’m going into my back closet to bring out my sweaters as it’s time to get ready for the coming November Chill.   That doesn’t mean you won’t have an opportunity or two to wear shorts any more.   We’ll still see some comfortable days well into November before it’s time for the heavy weather gear during December through February.   It appears that a “La Nina” is developing and that usually means our Winters are mild & drier as the main storm track should be farther to the north and not along the Gulf coast.   I really don’t like cold weather, but after so many months of 90s & humidity, I can suffer with wearing sweaters and jackets for a couple of months while the north digs out from the white stuff.  As the lawyer says…”stuff happens” and I’m glad it usually is not happening to us!   You snow lovers, get on a plane for Colorado and visit Crested Butte!  Stay tuned!

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