Wednesday, October 25, 2017

There Also Was a "Fat Man"...

Over the years we have had fun talking about the “Fat Lady” singing at the end of our Hurricane season.  Well today saw the REAL “Fat Man” say goodbye.  I never met Fats Domino, but I grew up with his music.  Fortunately I read a biography of Fats (Blue Monday – Fats Domino & the Lost Dawn of Rock’N’Roll by Rick Coleman) that revealed many things I never knew.  Like in the 40s, Fats received his first big royalty check in 1949 for $10,000, huge money back then.  Fats couldn’t perform in any “white club” until  after he was on The Ed Sullivan Show in the late 50s.  Even then, CBS had a curtain behind Fats to cover up his band!   The book has many stories of Fats’ rise to the top, some funny, some sad, but always entertaining.   Long before I was “Walking to New Orleans”,  Fats Domino was a giant in the music industry.  He leaves us today still a giant and his music will keep him there forever.  Fortunately for us, with You Tube videos plus the music apps, we can listen & enjoy Fats anytime we want.


What a great feel to our air as dew points have dipped into the 30s.  In fact, the dry air has spread all the way down into the Yucatan & south Florida.  Thursday will continue that feel but a return to south winds will signal the start of Gulf moisture coming back.  Don’t despair, another strong cold front arrives chasing away  the muggies and bringing out sweaters and jackets for this weekend.  If we are to see any showers, it would be out ahead of the front Friday night.  After a blustery weekend with highs in the 50s & 60s, a warm up will have us back into the 70s next week.  It looks to be a warm Halloween evening right now. 


NHC still believes 93L has a modest chance of organizing into a tropical storm as it heads up the east coast late this weekend.   With such strong cold fronts coming, the threat to the northern Gulf is ZERO.   Just looking at water temperatures find Lake Pontchartrain down into the 60s, 70s along the coast with barely 80 at the buoy south of Mobile.   

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