Sunday, November 5, 2017

Winter only up North...

As we get deeper into November, our daily record lows tell us it can get cold at this time of the year.   The records are mostly below freezing every day, but there are no signs that real cold is coming during the next 7-10 days.  There will be a front past through on Thursday bringing back mornings in the 40s & 50s, but daytime highs should be comfy around 70.   Draw a line from Phoenix to Little Rock to Buffalo tonight and you’ll find very cold air to the north with mild to warm air south.  Did I say Buffalo?    Yep, that’s where our Saints will be next Sunday.  Early outlooks indicate temps in the 40s at game time (Not bad for November) and only a slight chance for rain.   Let’s hope the offense stays hot as the defense has been way better this year.   This week we’ll see more 80+ temps Monday thru Wednesday with Thursday & Friday falling back to more seasonal 60s & 70s.    We really could use a soaking rainfall, but rain chances will be limited to the front coming thru early on Thursday.  If you like to fish, golf or play tennis outside, the past several weeks have been delightful without rain.   You know that will change as we get into December so enjoy this warm, mostly dry pattern while it lasts. 


Watching the LSU-Alabama game (flipping between Michigan-Minnesota) and I thought, if we had a better QB hitting those open receivers, Alabama could have been beaten.   Etling had plenty of time to throw, but he just couldn’t connect.   Seeing Miles Brennan late in the game gave me hope for the future.   He looked poised & has a cannon for an arm.   If I were the coach, I’d have Brennan as my QB for the rest of this year.  He needs experience and Arkansas at home is the perfect place for him to develop.   I know…stick to weather little fella.     Stay tuned!

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