Saturday, December 23, 2017

Holidays are for Family...but...

Not that the weather is finally feeling like December, most of us are getting into the Christmas spirit.  As I’ve been blogging about recently, it’s so nice to see families together and enjoying the bond that is absent for most of the rest of the year.  I’ve mentioned how not to take any day for granted, to visit often with Mom & Dad while you still have them, and to cherish memories of those who have passed on to the next life.   We are approaching the 16th anniversary of my late wife’s passing and the one thing I am thankful for is she died AFTER the holidays.   One of the worse things that can happen is to lose a loved one right BEFORE Christmas.  I have such a friend and I know she is struggling to find any happiness during this  time of the year.  Let me suggest, especially if you are off next week, to take time and go visit one of your friends who might have lost their spouse recently.  That 1st Christmas without them is very painful and some companionship can help ease their pain.    I will be visiting with such friends of mine next week and I suggest you do the same.


Cold air blankets much of the nation, but that is what’s supposed to happen during December.  This is not extreme cold, but it has caused some travel issues mainly in the Northeast.   The next 10-14 days will remain rather chilly with a brief warm up on New Year’s Eve.  The long nights & short days have facilitated a rapid leave drop from my water oaks and I spent much of today blowing & raking leaves so Bailey can find some grass to do her “daily number”.   I also picked 46 grapefruit (about 50 still left) that I’ll juice and use as my fruit drink for the next month.  We have a special Christmas Eve party tomorrow night & a visit to the North Shore on Christmas Day so this should be a great weekend…if our Saints can only win!   Stay tuned!

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