Friday, December 29, 2017

Model Runs Getting Colder...

3 days ago I mentioned the possibility of a moderate to hard freeze for both sides of the Lake.  I suggested we wait for additional model runs before we go into full freeze panic mode.   We are not there yet, but each day the model guidance has been colder with morning lows for the North Shore next Tuesday & Wednesday projected to be 15-20 with the South Shore 22-26.  Those temperatures will cause significant problems/damages if no precautions are taken BEFORE the cold arrives.   We still have all of Saturday & some of Sunday for you to get ready.  Don’t wait until Monday to act since the wind chills by then will make it uncomfortable to be outside.  Here’s what I’m doing on Saturday.  1)  Pick all grapefruit still on my tree.  If you have any citrus trees, you need to do the same.  I will not try to protect my tree since it’s over 15 feet tall and 20 feet wide.  I will not leave a hose spraying the tree to form a protective ice covering since the last time I did that when I had a large tree, the weight of the ice snapped several of the large branches and totally wrecked the tree.    Citrus usually are OK if the temps stay above 24 degrees.  2) I have 3 outside hoses that I’ll disconnect and totally drain all the water out.  3) My potted plants that can’t handle a freeze will go into my heated shed.  4)  I’ll soak all my flower beds in case we don’t get enough rain before the chill.    5)  On Sunday I’ll place coverings over all my outside faucets. (very important & inexpensive)  6) Before I go to bed on Monday night, I’ll let a pencil thin stream of cold & hot water run from my upstairs bathroom and from my kitchen sink IF it appears certain that the air temps will dip below 28 for 4 hours or more.  I might have missed something, but that’s what I’ll do for now.


What I won’t do is place visqueen over my scrubs and plants.  I used to do that years ago, and it works…but it’s too much trouble for an “old man”.   Since I just had all the weather stripping replaced around my doors, I don’t need to place tape along the door frame to keep the cold air leaks out.   The weather stripping and the Acadian high energy efficient windows really have made a difference both during the summer heat and winter cold.  If the model trends keep getting colder, there are other steps you can take and I’ll go into those as we get closer to Tuesday.   Bottom line…the coldest outbreak in several years is coming and you’ll need to pay attention next week to prevent your home from having broken pipes and expensive repair bills.  I watched all the local weathercasters tonight and they all pretty well explained what’s coming.   None of you should be saying…” but no one told us it would be that bad”.   Yes we did.  There will always be those who don’t want to take personal responsibility for anything.   Make sure your family knows the BIG CHILL is coming.  Stay tuned!

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