Tuesday, December 26, 2017

On The Freeze Watch...

Yesterday’s blog mentioned the possibility of a hard freeze coming for early next week.   We have some super cold (35-40 below zero) air up in Canada and, with the current east coast trough in place, all it would take is for a deep surface low to form along the Gulf coast moving up the East Coast and we would see that Arctic air plunge down into the Deep South.   Today’s model guidance has latched on to that idea with projected lows on the North Shore down to 15-20 for Tuesday morning with 20-25 on the South Shore.   If this proves to be reality, we would be in “pipe busting” territory for early next week.   Let’s see if there is model run consistency day to day before we send everyone into freeze panic mode.   We’ll have plenty of time to prepare our yards and homes so stay tuned!


This looks like to be one of those ugly winter weeks so I hope you have some good reading books as being outside will not be pleasant.  Sure beats Chicago where they are looking at many days below zero.

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