Saturday, January 6, 2018

Enjoy the Warm Up, Beware More Cold to Come...

I spent today moving all my potted plants back outside my shed as the next 5-6 days will be back in the 60s & 70s.  They all survived very well, however, my yard was not so lucky.   I filled 3 large garbage bags with dead stuff and decided to trim my knock out roses after seeing a story in this morning's Advocate.   My next challenge is to transplant my potted lemon tree into the ground since it is totally root bound.  Now is the time to do any tree planting as you want the tree to develop some roots before the summer heat arrives.   Hard to think summer heat when we have just gone through such a cold week.   Don't get use to this January thaw as the cold will be coming back.   Hopefully it won't be as severe as this week, but we'll probably have to go through more freeze threats.   Sunday should see a big warm up with some showers developing late ahead of a weak front that'll move through on Monday.  We could see several rounds of heavy rain Sunday night into Monday morning.  Tuesday through Thursday look dry & mild (60s & 70s), however, daily fog could be a problem since water temperatures are so low (40s).  Another really strong front with Arctic air arrives before dawn on Friday as highs may stay in the 40s falling into the 30s by dark.   Don't start replanting yet as more cold is coming.   Let's hope our Saints can make for a great Sunday.  Stay tuned!

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