Sunday, January 7, 2018

Heart Attack Saints...

Whew!   I knew it wasn’t going to be easy for the Saints, but can we go through more games like today?  I guess, YES, if we keep winning them.   But I bet local hospitals saw an uptick in the number of cardiology patients this evening…heck my pace maker didn’t have to function after my heart rate topped 200!   Had to go to my medication (chardonnay) to calm me down.  Geez, now it’s on to Minnesota where the HIGH TEMP for next Sunday is predicted to be…2 above zero!  That means most of the day will be below zero.   I remember years ago before they had their dome, that kind of chill was a huge advantage for the home team.  The dome takes weather out of the equation so I think our guys have a fighting chance IF they can overcome some of today’s injuries.  Losing Andrus Peat is a big loss.  Drew will have to once again step up and be our “savior”.


That same chill that will engulf Minnesota late next week will plunge down to us too.  Best enjoy the next 4 days in the 60s & 70s as next weekend could put us back below freezing again.   NWS issued a Flash Flood Watch for tonight, but it appears the upper disturbance is moving fairly fast so that should keep rain totals in the 2-3” range.  Monday doesn’t look very nice except it will be mild.   Tues-Thursday should be 70+ but we may be dealing with a lot of low clouds and fog.   So many of my friends are not feeling well and that’s another reason I like the warmer times of the year…fewer colds & no flu.  Then again, we have hurricanes.   Less we get depressed about those options, remember…Saints Win !   Playoffs? Playoffs? You better believe it Jim Mora!  Stay tuned!

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