Wednesday, January 10, 2018

More Freezes Coming...

Today’s 74 sure felt good and I’ll enjoy Thursday’s mid 70s.  However,  several more Arctic blasts are coming with the first arriving before daybreak on Friday.  Highs likely will be at midnight with daytime highs falling into the 40s with brisk north winds.   A secondary surge arrives on Saturday with Sunday morning likely to be 20-25 on the North Shore and 25-30 south of Lake P.  Yet another blast comes on Tuesday keeping us in heavy coat weather for most of next week.   There should be a break for the following weekend, but this pattern is set up to last well into February.   Kind of amazing to see how well my potted plants and the ones I covered during last week’s freeze rebound with just a few days of warmer weather.  I will be heading back over to Perino’s once I feel the real cold is about over to get new flowers…but not just yet.


Minneapolis will be in the deep freeze this weekend.   Fortunately the game is indoors as our Saints would have little chance if the game still was played outside.  Let’s hope Drew lights a fire with our offense & our defense plays well enough.  It’s sure makes for a fun town when our team is winning.  


Saw where Sally Ann Roberts is retiring after the February ratings book.  I am not a close friend, but I do know she is a classy Lady.  Funny how all the old TV greats have moved on.  Who’s next?  Henderson?  Nah, with his cush schedule (6 months off!) he could work into his 80s.     Plus, he’s still the best sports writer & I love him as voice of the Saints.  Keep collecting those checks Hondo!  Just one more “party with the Lombardi” !!!

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