Tuesday, January 9, 2018

No Surprises Out West...

Seeing the video of the mudslides out west is scary and breaks one’s heart.   You feel for those people just like we feel for any victims of Mother Nature.   Many blogs ago, I mentioned mudslides would happen when their rainy season arrived.   It’s what follows a big fire season.   Every part of our country has some weather issues.  Take Minneapolis…after being 40+ tomorrow, they’re going into the deep freeze for the next 2 weeks with highs below freezing (many in single digits) and some lows below zero.  For Sunday’s Saints game, it’ll be 5-10 below in the morning with highs 5-10 above.   Burrr!   It takes a certain mindset to live with that prolonged cold just as the same goes for our prolonged heat.     Hopefully our heart attack Saints can come through again?     Really enjoyed the college championship game last night.  I’m tired of Alabama winning again, but it was an entertaining game that could have gone either way, much like last year’s game.    It’s good for football not to have blow-outs in title games.  Nick Saban earned his $11 million last night.   Gutsy to pull your QB who was 25-2 the last 2 years.  Bravo Nick. Georgia has nothing to be ashamed of and their future looks bright.  


One reason (besides the cold) I hate Winter is that it’s cloudy too often.   Without sun, I feel lazy, tired, & unmotivated.  It’s worse up north where I remember one Winter in Ann Arbor we went 27 straight days without sunshine.  Buffalo is even worse.   Fortunately, as the sun angle gets higher, the morning fog/low clouds won’t last as long and the cold will get less intense.   We are approaching the coldest part of Winter (historically) during the next 2-3 weeks.  It appears Mother Nature will cooperate bringing down more Arctic air & freezes.  RIGHT NOW, this weekend’s freezes don’t look as bad as a week ago, but that could change as it’s still 20-30+ below zero up in Canada.   I’ll probably bring my potted plants back inside my heated shed Thursday PM before the next blast arrives Friday AM.  Since January has been running below normal, maybe it means the Mardi Gras parade season could be much milder?  That would be nice.   I remember riding in the Krewe of Caesar parade as their Grand Marshall back in the 80’s and temps were in the 30s (night parade) with winds 15-25 mph.   I rode in an open convertible and I had never been as cold.   Kept many parade goers away too.  Still several weeks away and a lot could happen.   Enjoy the next 2 mild-warm days before the Chill returns.  Stay tuned!

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