Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Thrill of the Chill Almost Gone...

It’s still cold out tonight, but a weak upper disturbance over west Texas is bringing clouds our way and that, coupled with winds off Lake Pontchartrain should keep the South Shore near the Lake above freezing.  Models continue to show the Arctic cold slowly moderating into the weekend with next week much milder as the upper steering turns more zonal (west to east).   Friday will have more clouds around than today’s clear skies and an even stronger upper disturbance late Sunday into Monday could bring us showers & T-Storms.   Our current cold spell has been rather remarkable as we have not had a daytime high above 50 since last Saturday.  Friday may finally end that streak with Saturday approaching 60 & Sunday & Monday flirting with 70.   With Lake water temps in the mid to upper 40s,  our fog potential will be on the increase as warmer, moist Gulf air returns.  After watching the snow videos from the Northeast, I’m not complaining about our weather.     Geez, I almost have gotten used to wearing a heavy sweater under my heavy coat with a scarf and my snow cap.  When I walk Bailey, I may look like NaNook from the North, but I feel very warm & comfortable.   Thankfully we only have to do that for several weeks of the year instead of the 4-5 months  that folks up north suffer through.   


With temps hovering around 40 and approaching clouds, I won’t run my water tonight since we should not get down to 28 for 4 hours or more near Lake P. on the South Shore.   If you still feel the need to run your water, only drip it from one faucet in a thin stream.  Hopefully we won’t have to do this again this season, but Winter has a long way to go.  Typically once we get into the 3rd week in February beyond the 20th, the likelihood, historically, of a hard freeze is very slim.  Still many weeks till we get there.  Stay tuned!

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