Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Why We Live South...

While the folks up north are wearing their heavy coats for the next 6-8 weeks, today was one of those beautiful Spring-like days in the Gulf South.  Highs were 65-70 with tomorrow expected to be 70+.  I’ll be golfing again before our next front comes for Friday.    Since this is Super Bowl Week, I looked up Minneapolis tonight where it’s snowing and 27.   But there’s more Lee Zurik…   Super Bowl Sunday will be sunny & dry, but the morning will dawn zero to 5 below with the PM high around 10.   Since it’s Philly vs Boston, those folks are used to cold weather so going to & from the domed stadium should be no big deal.   My heart says Philly, but my gut says go with Brady.   Patriots 31 Eagles 17


Friday’s front will have some chill behind it, but the weekend just looks seasonally cool.  It appears the better chances for rain come Saturday evening into midday on Sunday.   Based on what I’m seeing for the next 10-14 days, unless the east coast trough sharpens, the core of the Arctic cold will remain to our north and east.   Mardi Gras still looks to be cold and rainy, but that’s beyond the reliability of the models.   I am seeing some trees beginning to bud out, but I don’t think we’re done with the freezes.    Once beyond Feb. 20th, I’ll start to feel better regarding the replanting of my garden.  Until then, I’m going to just let everything be.   My next project is to take down my 12 unit bird condo and do some repairs and repainting before the birds begin their mating time.   I’ve noticed many yards have weeds sprouting up.  I used “Bonus S” back in December and so far no weeds.  So far no grass growing yet as yard looks brown.  I did enjoy watching the replay of the lunar eclipse this morning.   Glad I stayed in bed!   Stay tuned!

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