Thursday, February 8, 2018

As Good As It Gets...

I wish I could come on tonight to say computer models have flip-flopped and our rain chances have come way down for this weekend's parades!   But alas, as I sip my chardonnay I think of President Clinton's line..."I feel your pain".   Frankly, the weekend looks to go into the dumper.  As I mentioned last night, models cannot handle the SW upper flow and any confidence in the timing of showers is purely a guess.  I can say we'll have no need for heavy coats through Mardi Gras, however, umbrellas & rain gear will be required for parade watching.  Today was as good as it gets with showers confined down along the coast.  Friday's rain chances are not as high as Sat-Sunday, but they are not zero either.   Weather .com has rain chances 80-100% for  Sat, Sun. & Monday which looks bleak.  However, rain chances have nothing to do with time.  There could be many dry hours between showers.  RIGHT NOW, the outlook does not look the best, but we know the parades must go on. It doesn't look like we'll have any T-Storms to worry about, but that could change  our thinking regarding safety issues if lightning erupts with these upper disturbances.  i really hate the SW flow as it exposes the lack of skill models have & that translates into any public confidence in the forecast.   Stay tuned and I suggest you join me with a glass of your favorite vino.

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