Saturday, February 24, 2018

Crest Gets Higher...

More heavy rains are falling over the Ohio Valley tonight and that will likely increase the height of the crest coming down the Mississippi in 2-3 weeks.  The River Forecast Office had our crest at 15.5’ yesterday, but upped it to 16.0 feet today.    That would cause no problems for us as we are protected to 20 feet, however, more rainfall is likely and that could increase our crest to levels that MIGHT require the Army Corps of Engineers to consider a partial opening of the spillway.   The “magic number” in the past has been 17.0 feet at the Carrollton gage.  If the River is forecasted to get higher than that, the Corps will then open some bays to relieve pressure on our levees.  Regardless, we are likely to see very high River levels for many weeks as we approach the Spring rainy season.


A slow moving front will stagger through late Sunday into Monday bringing some showers but very little cool air.   In fact, the front quickly retreats back to the north so that much of next week stays above normal/average.  A stronger front will arrive before the weekend with even cooler temperatures coming during the 2nd week of March.  Our 11 day run of 80+ degree temperatures has allowed trees to start budding out and plants to sprout.  There are many things in my yard that still “look dead”, but I’m going to give them some more time before I decide to dig them up.  With so many things growing, allergy sufferers are going nuts with the grass & tree pollen coupled with the usual mold spores.   So far I haven’t had to deal with any issues, but it’s only a matter of time before I need some meds.   Since this is the last week in February, we have passed the time to get hard freezes, but we still could see some cold air that could bring frost or light freezes (especially N-Shore) during the 2nd & 3rd weeks of March.   I expect to see some really bad March storms that will bring snow to the north & severe weather to the south.  It’s called Springtime and it happens every year.  Stay tuned!

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