Sunday, February 25, 2018

Last week of Winter...

We finally ended our streak of 80+ days at 11 as today’s highs stayed in the 70s.   I’m pretty sure this will be our warmest February at the airport (MSY) as the next 5 days should stay above normal/average.   It still looks like the 2nd & 3rd weeks in March will be much cooler so don’t scrap the cold weather gear just yet.   I suspect we’ll see some really big storms during the next several weeks as we transition from Winter to Spring.   In the short term, today’s brief cool down won’t last as we should be back 70+ for Monday & Tuesday and 80+ on Wednesday.  Later in the week we could get stormy ahead of our next cold front, but that will not be drastically colder.  The real cold arrives the following week when we’ll be back to the heavy weather gear.   I would not start planting tomatoes or other tender plants until after March 20th at the soonest unless you have a way of protecting them from frost or a light freeze.     The recent warm spell has lulled most of us into believing that we’re done with cold weather, but I caution you to beware, just looking at historical records show light freezes can happen well into late March.   One thing I’m looking forward to is the time change coming in 2 weeks that will keep it light until after 7 PM.  I know that means it’ll be dark in the mornings, but I don’t get up until 7 AM so that’s not a problem for me.  Stay tuned!


FYI…while going to get my lottery tickets on Saturday morning, I noticed 4 people make illegal left turns from north Causeway onto Vets.,  followed by 2 cars making illegal left turns from the center lane on Vets to South Causeway.  After I bought my ticket and headed back home, I witnessed another driver blatantly run a red light on Causeway southbound at Vets.  That’s 7 illegal traffic violations within 5 minutes.   And you want to know why we have the highest insurance rates in the nation besides Detroit.  No enforcement = accidents = lawsuits= higher rates for those of us who obey laws.   Not rocket science.

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