Friday, February 23, 2018

Old Man River Really Starts Rolling...

Obviously the big difference today was not the temperature as we topped 80+ (record 82), but the heavy rainfall (1-2”) that affected some folks.  My yard received a good, welcomed soaking (1.64”) but that’s nothing compared to what has been happening up north.  Extensive heavy rains from Dallas to Detroit to Pittsburgh coupled with snow melt is sending a huge surge down the Ohio River into the lower Mississippi that will crest here in mid-March at over 15+’.  That’s 6 feet above today’s level, but short of the 17 feet that might require opening the spillway.  This forecast is based on current rainfall, however more heavy rains are expected during the next several weeks so it’s possible our crest could go higher.   The other thing to watch during the next several weeks will be severe weather potential.    The SPC (Storm Prediction Center) is indicating some strong storms could develop late Saturday mainly across north Louisiana from Shreveport to Memphis to Louisville with weaker storms around us.  As a cold front pushes through on Sunday, we could see more heavy rainfall.  Long range, it still appears our current warm spell will finally end later next week.  The second & third weeks in March should be significantly cooler and we still will have many more opportunities for sweaters and jackets.  Stay tuned!

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