Monday, February 26, 2018

Sun Angle Making a Difference...

Today showed just how the higher sun angle results in warmer temperatures.   On my way to working out this morning, it was comfy cool requiring wearing a jacket.   Low clouds kept the temperatures in check, but as skies cleared this afternoon, we rebounded easily into the 70s, another day above normal.   We will smash the previous warmest February by over 3 degrees and that’s a lot.   In the short term, there is no real cold coming through the first week in March.  However, I expect things to change as we get deeper into the month.   I fully expect to see several weeks of below normal/average temperatures in March that could last well into April.  I am not putting away my winter sweaters yet as Mother Nature typically goes from very warm to very chilly.  


Several days ago I mentioned the surge coming down the Mississippi River.  Today the Army Corps of Engineers said they have gone into “stage one alert” as the river jumped above 11 feet at the Carrollton gage.  They also upped the future crest to 16.5 feet getting very close to the 17’ stage that would require opening some bays in the Spillway.   The 16.5’ is the predicted stage based on the rain that has fallen.  However, more heavy rains are forecasted later this week and next so expect that 17’ stage to be within reach.   High water happens every year on the Mississippi as snow melt combined with Spring rains increases the flow.  However, this year it’s about 4-6 weeks early.   Hopefully we don’t see the current rainy pattern that is focused over the Ohio Valley continue into April & May.  Stay tuned!

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