Saturday, February 17, 2018

Too Warm, Too Soon...

While you know I enjoy all this early spring warmth, the weather often goes in the opposite direction and I still feel we are not done with the freeze threats.  The next 14-21 days look to stay above normal, but during the second week in March, be prepared to go back to the heavy weather gear.   Our current warm spell has really shot up local waters with Lake Pontchartrain back into the mid-60s after being in the upper 40s several weeks back.  That will be important in March IF we get any Arctic blasts as a warmer Lake will protect the South Shore during a freeze.   The warmth is getting everything to grow again and that could be bad if we get a late season freeze.  RIGHT NOW I don’t think areas south of Lake P.  will have a freeze issue in March, but there remains a ton of Arctic air in Canada  and signs point to that coming southward during the middle of next month.  In the short term, a weak front is getting close and might sneak through late tonight briefly turning around our winds and cooling us 5-8 degrees on Sunday.  The front will retreat northward for the rest of next week with highs generally 80+.   With a deep southerly flow in place, we could see some showers but without a front coming, no major rainfall is expected.  That could change the following week, but for now enjoy the warmth as it won’t stay forever. You cold air “freaks” can fly to New York or Boston where it’s snowing tonight.  Or head out to visit my son in Missoula, MT. where the high on Tuesday is expected to soar to 10 above after starting 5-10 below.    A big surge is coming down the Mississippi River and I expect it to rise 3-4 feet during the next several weeks.   That will present no issues as the River had been low for many weeks and it’s time for the usual spring snow melt & rainfall rise.  Stay tuned!

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