Friday, February 16, 2018

Waiting For Other Shoe....

Our recent warm spell has me wondering when will the other shoe drop? That’s an old saying I remember hearing when things are going really, really good, it’s only a matter of time before it goes really, really bad.  Well, if you believe the long range computer models, the rest of February here will be way above normal/average with no hints of any major cold coming.    I still think “the other shoe will drop” temperature-wise, but it won’t happen until the 2nd or third week into March.  We still could get a frost of light freeze, but the higher sun angle & longer days will not allow the kind of cold we saw in December & early January.   In fact, I went over to Perino’s again just to see what kind of flowers they have & yep, they’re getting more and more varieties plus bigger & bigger sizes.   I plan to do more yard work tomorrow which might include cleaning out my 4 bird houses & doing some repainting.  The main house needs to come down so I can repair a collapsed floor.  It has 12 openings, but one family on the second story evidentially had too many tenants & their weight collapsed the ceiling into the 1st floor.   No big repair, but I’m thinking of raising their rent or requiring a bigger damage deposit!!!


We broke another record today hitting 83 for the second straight day and tomorrow could do it again  There is a front just to our north with a significant temperature fall off of 20-25 degrees, but that front will stall over south LA/MS on Sunday.  IF it pushes to our south, Sunday’s highs could stay in the 60s, otherwise we’ll be 75-80.  Next week the front will retreat back northward and we’ll be 80+ almost every day.     We could use some rainfall, but until the temperatures get hotter,  it’s no big deal.    I’m seeing new growth spring out is some things, but my hibiscus & shrimp plants look to be toast.  I gotta play doctor and have some patients, err…patience.  Water temperatures have climbed back into the 60s in Lake Pontchartrain and near 70+ along the coast.  Once above 70, the shrimp will start moving back into the marsh & the trout will follow.  I’ll let you know how I do with Capt. Hylton next week.   Stay tuned!






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