Sunday, February 4, 2018

Weather APP Says What???

Going into church this morning I was stopped and asked by an Endymion member…”Doesn’t look too good for us does it?”   I said what do you mean since that is nearly a week away.  He pulled out his I-Phone and called up his weather APP.  Yep, says chance of rain for NEXT Saturday 6 days away.    The last several blogs have touched on the UNCERTAINTY of the forecast beyond 2-3 days.  Here is a classic example.  A person believing in the accuracy of the forecast because it’s on the APP.   I can only say…believe what you want.  At 6 days +, the skill level is a little better than a guess, especially when we have a very progressive (fast) upper level wind flow.  


In the short term, Monday looks dry into early on Tuesday.   Some showers could develop Tuesday PM with better rain chances ahead of the next front Wednesday PM.   RIGHT NOW, Wednesday night parades could have a problem with rain, maybe some thunder, but the timing could change.  Thursday and Friday dry out before another system brings back the rain for Saturday.   But what if these systems slow up or speed up?   That would change the forecast and things wouldn’t look so bleak for certain parades.  RIGHT NOW, the days that look wet are Wednesday & Saturday extending into Sunday.  Monday and Tuesday should be dry…RIGHT NOW.   I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with the pressure of forecasting anymore.    Let youth be served.  Stay tuned!


Really don’t care who wins this Super Bowl.  I’m just enjoying a high scoring game.  Could end up 43-42?    

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