Sunday, March 11, 2018

Always a Special Day...

The Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day was always a special day when my kids were young.   I was fortunate enough to meet a man (Eddie Renton) who founded the Irish-Italian Parade that rolls the following Sunday.   Eddie, with his brother Billy, owned a printing shop on Metairie Road and they hosted a party for friends that gave us a perfect spot to watch the Irish Parade.  I remember many years when the parade had great weather and the crowds were HUGE.   Today was not one of those days as storms rolled through just in time to spoil all the activities.  Eddie passed many years ago, but his dream of joining the Irish with the Italians continues.  Hopefully next Sunday’s weather will be much better than today’s?


More cold air is returning for this week and you’ll need sweaters & jackets for the 1st half of the week.  David mentioned the possibility of frost or a light freeze on the North Shore Tuesday & Wednesday mornings, which is a reminder that we still are officially in Winter.   Astronomical Spring does not arrive until the 20th.   Late week will see a big warm up into the weekend before more cold returns next week.  Another snow storm is heading towards New England which will be the 3rd Nor’easter in less than 2 weeks.  Lest you believe that has never happened before, Joe Bastardi of WeatherBell Analytics pointed out the same thing happened back in the 60s and late 70s.   Weather does has a way of repeating.  You just need to go back in time to see the same patterns that we see today.  Stay tuned!

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