Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Army Corps Of Enginners Knows...

When Katrina hit and the levees failed, the blame was placed on the Army Corps of Engineers for not following proper engineering rules in levee construction.  Frankly they were embarrassed.  Well, let’s give them credit when they’re right and they have been correct on opening the spillway bays to keep the crest of the Mississippi below the 17” crest needed to keep NOLA safe.  In fact, it appears the river will not reach the 17’ level as almost 150 bays have been opened to steer enough water into Lake Pontchartrain to keep the river mainly steady or slowly falling for the next week.   The only folks who are affected are those who operated vessels on the river.  The rest of us have no issues.


This has been an exception stretch of nice weather with cool mornings and pleasant afternoon.  Some changes are coming as south winds will bring back low level moisture and an upper disturbance will trigger showers and possible T-Storms on Friday.   As we head into the second half of March, I see no signs of any Arctic outbreak coming during the next 2 weeks.  That will place us into April  and almost guarantee no need to worry about frost or freezing weather.  I have been working on replacing my back fence and have completed 75% of it.   It’s a one day job for young folks, but at 70+, I’ve stretched it out for over a week.  I love seeing new growth in my plants, however, I’m discouraged seeing no growth in some plants I want to come back.   Spring is a great time of the year.  Enjoy what we have because we know what happens in May & June and lasts into September.  Stay tuned!

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