Monday, March 26, 2018

Classic Cold Air East Coast Wedge...

We almost tied another record (84) high today stopping a degree short at 83.   Not that far to our east, it was much cooler as a deep low is stalled just off the east coast dragging down very chilly air down the eastern slopes of the Appalachians all the way into northern Florida.   Highs barely got above 50 in Charleston, Savannah & Atlanta while the NW Florida beaches stayed in the 60s.  It’s called the cold air wedge and you could even see the line of clouds on the visible loop push westward almost reaching us.   That cold air will retreat for the rest of this week as we await our next front arriving here on Thursday.  This will be a slow moving front allowing training of storms that could produce 3-6”+ rainfall mainly to our north & west.   Our best chance for rain appears to be Thursday into early on Friday.   Cooler (not colder) & drier air will follow for Thursday & Friday with a warm up returning for the weekend.  Easter Sunday looks sunny & warm with highs 80+.   The Crescent City Classic will have near perfect conditions on Saturday morning too.   Winter is not over for the northern states as another big surge of cold air is predicted for the first week of April.   We are done with any freeze threat and I’ll probably begin putting away my sweaters next week.  Major League baseball kicks off next week and many games will be very chilly.  That is not unusual for early April as I remember many years the Cubs game was cancelled because of…SNOW!   As Ernie Banks would say…”Let’s play two!”   Stay tuned!

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