Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Cool Down is No Surprise...

To the readers of this blog, you’ll recall back in the warm spell last month I mentioned long range guidance suggested that March would be much cooler than February as the upper East Coast trough would return replacing the persistent upper ridge over the Southeast.  That has happened plus several Nor’easters have battered New England.  Hey, watching TWC show various locations with heavy snow coming down was kinda neat.  However, that nice white stuff will soon be a slushy mess tomorrow adding to the misery.   At least we down South have some warm ups between the cold spells and that’s what is on tap for this weekend.  After 2 chilly mornings, the warm up begins Friday PM and lasts through Sunday as we’ll get back to 70+, maybe even flirting with 80.   Another strong front will plow through on Monday and the 1st 3 days of next week look chilly with highs back into the 60s & nights in the 30s & 40s.   I hope nobody has planted tomatoes or tropical plants as we still could have opportunity for frost & a light freeze.   The deeper we get into March, especially after the 20th, the less likely we’ll need to worry about the cold.   I do remember many years back, we had a strong cold front move through in early April requiring sweaters & Jackets as highs stayed in the 50s despite all day sunshine.   The next 15-20 days will have many more below normal/average days and we are not finished with Winter-like chill despite the approach of Astronomical Spring on the 20th.


While watching TWC (The Weather Channel) tonight, one of the “meteorologists” asked a resident of New Hampshire if they were prepared for this latest Nor’easter?  I had to chuckle because that’s like asking a New Orleanian in June…”are you prepared for the 95 degree heat?”   C’mon, it’s not like snow storms don’t happen in March.  In fact, this is their prime time for Nor’easters.  They are hardy people.  They have to be.  They are prepared. 


Spillway opens tomorrow.  Should be exciting video to watch.  Always is.  Stay tuned!

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