Saturday, March 10, 2018

FOX 8 Storm Tracker...

Today I was down at the Home & Garden Show to help promote my window advertiser, Acadian Windows.  Met many fine folks and enjoyed hearing how much I’m missed.  Appreciate the support from all of you who stayed with me over almost 40 years at Ch. 8.  What you should check out is the new FOX 8 Stormtracker vehicle that will really be important during a severe weather event.  It’s at the Home & Garden show and I checked it out before heading on over to the Acadian window booth.      The SUV is outfitted with all the gear that will allow the meteorologist go out into the field and search for any dangerous weather.    A camera is attached to the roof and it can span 360 degrees giving a live view of any possible tornadoes.  I’m looking forward to seeing it in action during our Spring severe weather season.   


We had a few brief showers today and more are likely ahead of our next cold front Late Sunday.   These showers could impact the big Irish parade for Sunday afternoon.  Highs will be back into the 70s before cooler and drier air requires sweaters & jackets Monday thru Wednesday.  Another brief warm up comes late week ahead of our next front on Saturday & Sunday.  February had  many days 80+, but this March is going to see many days struggling to get out of the 60s.  RIGHT NOW, I don’t see any Arctic breaks coming that could bring us freezing temperature to the South Shore.   Some 30s are possible North Shore Tuesday-Thursday mornings so frost could be a problem.   Sure beats the Nor’easters that keep hitting the NE Coast.   I enjoy living where all I have to shovel is the dirt in my garden! 


The Mississippi River has topped 16’ at the Carrollton gage and will slowly rise for another week.  The crest has passed Memphis and should reach us on the 13th.  The Corps of Engineers will keep opening bays if needed to make sure the crest stays below 17’ at NOLA.  Stay tuned!

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