Saturday, March 3, 2018

March Madness Coming...

The college basketball championship is often called “March Madness” and that term can also fit the weather at this time of the year.  The East Coast got hammered by a strong Nor’easter while California finally got back into their rainy season.  The east coast storm swept a cold front through us bringing an end to our record warmth, but more importantly taking away the muggies.   Today was superb and tomorrow will be the same with slightly warmer temps(73-77).   Another front approaches late Monday bringing some T-Storms into early Tuesday.  Colder air will follow this front with some 30s likely on the North Shore & 40s south.   A warm up comes for next weekend before an even stronger system plows through for the following week.  I warned you to not put away your sweaters as this month is going to see some wild temperature swings.   We’ll have to stay alert to see if any severe weather outbreaks develop since this is our severe weather season.  


The crest for the Mississippi River remains at 17 feet, but the Corps of Engineers indicated they might begin to open some bays on the Spillway as soon as Monday.   Regardless, we will have high river levels for the next several weeks affecting vessel traffic and fishing.  Get out and enjoy what looks like a terrific Sunday before changes return for Monday & Tuesday.  Stay tuned!

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