Monday, March 12, 2018

Mother Nature Running Behind...

Usually by now, my bird houses (4) have some activity as the mating cycle kicks in.  Not this year.  In fact, none of the houses even has a nest yet.    I’ve seen the ducks paring off around the ponds at Chateau so I know the spring season brings baby duckies and that looks on schedule.  But even my apartment /condo bird house has no activity.   I think the record warm February followed by a cool March has the critters all fouled up.   I know the fishing reports all show little trout activity, but that is normal as the trout season typically ramps up in April & May.   But why no birds?   They are around as my bird feeder is usually packed with sparrows, blue Jays & cardinals.  Maybe the next 2 weeks will start the process?


Today was delightful, if you were dressed for it.   While the East Coast is getting battered again by another Nor’easter, all we’re getting is the cooler and drier air rotating around the storm.   Tuesday & Wednesday should stay cool & dry with a warm up starting on Thursday lasting through the weekend.  Longer range, I see no big Arctic outbreaks coming so , if you are south of Lake P.   you can start the tomato plants growing.  Our chances for a frost  get very slim once we pass the 20th historically.   It appears the Great Lakes to the North East is in for more cold & storms the next several weeks, but the core of the cold will stay with them & not us.     I’m still waiting to see any signs of life coming from my shrimp plants & hibiscus, but so far…nada.   I think the bell is about to toll for them.  Stay tuned!


The Mississippi River is supposed to reach the 17’ crest tomorrow at the Carrollton gage.  

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