Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring Has Arrived Across the South...

Today’s high was a record tying 84 and my yard is really responding to the warmer temps & longer days.   My annuals are doing great and my grass has no weeds since I used Bonus S twice on it…once in February & again last week.   Hard to believe we had such a cold December & January , but several of my plants still show zero signs of growth.  I have a flowering yellow bush  whose flowers resemble trumpets that is just now coming out around the base.  This plant had been beautiful for the past 4 years and has grown to 5+ feet.  However,, it appears I’ll have to whack & shack it back down to around a foot as most of the bush is dead.   My shrimp plants also look to be toast, but one out of 3 hibiscus plants is sprouting from the base.  The other 2 are bye ya.   I am trying some hanging baskets around my back yard and they are really looking great.  These is something to say about having colors in your yard.  I find it very relaxing & satisfying.


With the big help from my son (Justin) I was able to complete my back fence this weekend.  Putting up the boards are a piece of cake.  Putting up a gate is best left for professional as we struggled, but succeeded in completing the project.  When I was working I could never find the time to piddle around the yard.   Being retired allows me the opportunity to enjoy working with Mother Earth & I love it!


Even though we will be warm for most of this week, we are not done seeing cold fronts.  The folks up north will be really depressed as we get into April as the long range models continue the cold for the Great Lakes & Northeast.  With the higher sun angle, the fronts will be more drier fronts sweeping away humidity with daytime highs comfortably in the 60s & 70s.    We have about another 4-6 weeks of really nice weather before our long , nasty summer begins in early May.   Get out and enjoy before the heat goes on.  Stay tuned!

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