Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sunny, But Gloomy Day...

Under bright sunshine and 70 degree warmth, a gloomy mood set over our city after it was announced that Tom Benson had passed away.   All the local channels devoted their entire newscast and rightly so as Mr. Benson was the reason we still have the Saints & Pelicans.   Technically, I did work for Mr. Benson as he bought Ch. 8 for several years and I even remember taking a photo with my wife next to the Super Bowl trophy at our annual Christmas party in 2010.   My experience with Tom goes back into the late 80s when I was President of the local chapter of Big Brothers/Big Sisters.   We honored him as our “Man of the Year”  at our yearly fundraiser and I could always count on him buying a table before and after that event.   As the local news reported, Mr. Benson was a VERY generous man.  He knew what we were trying to do at BB/BS (Mentoring) was important to youths at risk and he was one of our biggest supporters.   I feel blessed to have crossed paths in life and know he has made this Planet a better place for all of us.


The next 4-5 days will see a warming trend, but several fast moving upper disturbances will bring the opportunity for some showers & T-Storms.  Friday might see some morning showers, but the main storms that develop will stay to our north & east.  A cold front will stall to our north and west on Saturday with small rain chances that appear to increase on Sunday.   With more parades this weekend, timing will be everything as there will be many dry hours between showers.  Highs should get well up into the 70s approaching or topping 80 Sunday & Monday before a weak front pushes through for early next week.  Another Nor’easter (#4) could bring more snow to the Northeast which is crying for a break from Winter.   It looks like the chill could last well into April for our friends up north.  Stay tuned!

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