Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Weather, Like History Often Repeats...

I was watching the network news programs tonight all leading with another Nor’easter hitting New England.  This is coming on the heels of a powerful storm that still has some without power.   It reminds me of the ’67 Blizzard in Chicago that dumped 25-30” and shut down the city for days.  Right behind it the following weekend was another, weaker storm that dumped an additional 8-15’.  Some suburbs had over 3 feet on the ground.   Mother Nature often repeats herself, even with hurricanes.  After Katrina in 2005, Rita followed less than a month later.  In 2008 we had Gustav followed by Ike 2 weeks later.   This latest Nor’easter will not have the strong winds and huge storm tides. It will have more snow since there is colder air in place.  Some of the big cities (Philly, NYC, Boston) could see 6-12” with more further inland.   Sure makes me appreciate living down south.


This morning’s cold front came through with quite a punch.   I thought we’d be lucky to get .50” of rainfall.  WRONG,  many spots received 1-2”.  The drier air behind the front sure felt good this afternoon as temps stayed 65-70.  Wednesday & Thursday will stay cool and dry and coats & jackets will be needed, especially at night.   A brief warm up comes for Friday through Sunday before another strong front chills us for next week.   It’s good we get some more cold air as SSTs (sea surface Temps) over the northern Gulf are running way above normal/average.   I can see the hurricane gurus already making the northern Gulf the bullseye for storms this summer.   I’ll be off to the National Hurricane Conference in Orlando 3 weeks from today.   I’m sure there will be much talk about the coming season.  Let’s keep these fronts coming so we can knock down the warm Gulf just a little.


The Army Corps of Engineers has revised their Carrollton crest down to 15.9’ now since opening the Spillway on Thursday will send some of the Mississippi into Lake P. taking pressure off our levees.  Should be quite a sight for the news media as they pull up the wooden needles on Thursday.  Stay tuned!

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