Monday, March 19, 2018

What The Hail...

Watching TWC tonight showing the large hail pounding Alabama breaking car windshields, and seeing the large hail that pounded Chauvin this morning with the same kind of hail that broke windshields and left marks all over the hoods and roofs of car, reminds me how lucky we are not to have those weather events very often.  Usually we are so warm that any hail often melts long before reaching the ground.  However, I do remember an event back in the early 80s that pounded my neighborhood (Bridgedale) in Metairie causing me enough roof damage that our whole block had to have new roofs.  It striped vegetation off trees & plants and left huge marks on the shingles of everyone’s roof.  Fortunately, insurance paid for it, but that was before the era of deductibles.   That severe threat is long gone from us and the next 3-4 days will be delightful…if you’re dressed for it.  You’ll notice a different feel to the air in the morning as the humidity will be much lower and that good feel air will hang around into late Friday & Saturday.  Fortunately, with the higher sun angle, the chill in the air should not be as intense as 2-3 weeks ago.  The wind will add to the chill on Tuesday, but Wednesday & Thursday will feel great with less wind.   A big warm up will return over the weekend getting us back up into the 80s as we head towards April. 


FYI…The Corp opened another 15 bays (183 out of 350) to make sure the River crest stays below 17’ at the Carrollton gage.  The crest has arrived and the river should stay steady for the next 2-3 days before falling later this week. 

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