Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Don't Wake Me Up, Keep Dreaming Into Summer...

As this is my 40th Spring here, I just don’t remember such long stretches of great weather.  I remember getting fronts well into May (the big floods of ’78, ’95), but it seems every year we had to watch out for rainy weather for Jazz Fest & the Golf Tourney.   There has been a persistent upper trough over the Great lakes & eastern states that keeps the fronts coming.  The slow moving cut off upper low (now over NE Tennessee) will finally lift out as another upper disturbance drops down behind it.  That system will bring us some clouds and a shower chance Thursday PM followed by yet another system dropping in behind it on Friday.   With moisture so limited, Friday-Sunday looks to be great weather for any outdoor activities this weekend.   Highs will stay in the 70s with nights in the 50s & 60s.  Even the longer range model runs don’t show any real warmth as we get into May.   That’s the time of the year we start to think about our 1st 90 degree day.  All indications right now point to that NOT happening until after the 15th of May at the soonest.  The longer we can hang onto our current pattern, the less we’ll have to endure the brutal heat & humidity that we all know will come.


Nationwide, there is no snow falling in the lower 48 tonight.   The folks up north need better weather just so they can play some baseball.  They have already set a new record for the number of games postponed in April and that goes back many decades.   Of course we’re thinking basketball & it’s sure nice to be watching the playoffs knowing we’re in and we don’t have to say…maybe next year?   Who knows, miracles do happen and as Jim Henderson once said…”Pigs really do Fly!”    Go Pels !!!

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