Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Fronts still coming...

We are in the time of the year where some of our greatest floods occurred.  Why?   Two reasons come to mind.  # 1, Warmer air can hold more water vapor ( precipitable water) and #2 cold fronts sometimes have trouble pushing through (as the jet stream weakens and lifts farther north) resulting in a “training event” where storms keep moving along the same track.   This week we have another front coming late Thursday with yet another coming for Sunday.    Neither AT THIS TIME looks likely to stall with the first front lacking much Gulf moisture while the second promises to be more robust in terms of upper energy.   As I mentioned earlier, the fronts keep getting weaker due to the longer days & higher sun angle.   What will be happening over the next 4-6 weeks is the transition from frontal caused showers/storms to the more traditional daytime heating storms of summer.  We still have a ways to go before that happens.  


Seeing how all our plants & trees have leafed out as our highs get back to 70-80+, it’s hard to believe that for many up north the trees still only have buds.   My sister Carol up in Indiana sent me some video of snow falling this week and the folks there are sick & tired of such a cold Spring.    For Minneapolis, it’s their coldest April so far while in Chicago it’s their 5th coldest.  Fortunately for us, we’ve enjoyed a terrific stretch of weather as the fronts make for comfy cool nights with pleasantly warm days.   Summer is coming so soak up every day before we all moan…it’s too hot!  Stay tuned!

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