Sunday, April 8, 2018

No Sun, No Fun...

What a wasted weekend with no sun plus temperatures more like early March than Mid-April.  Our HIGH of 58 was 19 degrees below normal and 58 is our average/normal low for this date.   Yea, I know we’re only weeks away from our summer heat so I put on a sweater and really didn’t mind the chill…until I went to walk the dog this PM and had to add on a coat.   Geez, all those years in Chicago & Ann Arbor and I don’t remember the cold ever bothering me like it does here.   It’s snowing in Chicago tonight so I’ll stop whining. 


Tonight warmer air is returning resulting in some dense fog to develop.  We may have to deal with more cloud cover again on Monday, but at least highs should be back to 70+.  Later this week, a powerful system will come out of the Rockies with a major severe weather risk for the central plains into the Great Lakes. We’ll get back into the warm air sector so later this week temps should surge back to 80+.  As the main upper energy stays well to our north, our concern will be another cold front approaching for Saturday & Sunday.  Too soon to know if we’ll see more strong storms, but it should be a quick mover negating any excessive rainfall.  Hard to believe, but the folks up north are not done with the snows yet.   This first 8 days of April may turn out to be the coldest on record nationwide.   Now is the time to take the survey…”Do you want a warmer or colder Planet?” (Like we have a choice!)  I already know the answer.  Stay tuned!

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