Monday, April 9, 2018

Not Done With Fronts...

Some limited sunshine this afternoon allowed our high to reach 70, an 11 degree improvement from Sunday.  We have a very weak front that will slide through overnight keeping us slightly below normal Tuesday & Wednesday.  Thursday begins a warm up that should have us near 80 with Friday’s highs back in the 80s ahead of our next on Saturday.  This front will have tremendous upper level support and I expect to see a widespread severe weather outbreak across the southern & central plains on Friday spreading eastward on Saturday.  It’s way too soon to know if we’ll get into a severe threat Friday night into early Saturday, but RIGHT NOW if models are right,  we’ll have to pay attention.  Behind the front, cooler and drier air will make for a great weekend weather-wise for all the fairs & festivals.


Just like the Yankee’s home opener last week, the Cubs opener today was SNOWED OUT!   Sooner or later the daily higher sun angle coupled with the longer days will result in Summer heat.   You know what’s coming for us so enjoy these pleasant April days and get all your yardwork and home chores done now before it’s too hot to do anything outside.  Stay tuned!

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