Friday, April 13, 2018

Saturday Looks Stormy...

Watching several weather programs this evening found all singing from the same songbook regarding our severe threat for Saturday.  A couple of points to consider…SPC (Storm Prediction Center) has their “bulls-eye” for greatest risk from central Arkansas into Norther LA/MS for tonight.  They lessen the threat for Saturday during the day over SE LA/MS, but still keep it in level 3 (Moderate) risk range.  Our local NWS office had a really good discussion regarding a possible “QLCS” (Quasi-Linear Convective System) coming on Saturday.  Say What?   Basically, a QLCS is another term used for a Squall line, a line of strong T-Storms that have damaging winds and sometimes small tornadoes.  To me that is our main threat on Saturday with the timing of the line sometime between 10 AM & 2 PM depending on location.  The good news is IF we see severe storms tomorrow, they will come during the day and not at night when we’re sleeping.   Still, you best have the FOX 8 weather app on your phone to alert you IF we get any warnings issued for us.   There is no excuse for anyone to say…” I didn’t know bad weather was coming”.   In addition, NWS has issued a flash Flood Watch for Saturday, although it appears to me the upper system is very progressive (fast moving) and that should not allow any “training of storms” that would cause flooding.  I’m feeling 1-2” is likely, but NWS is going 2-4” with isolated areas getting 6-8”.   Bottom line, stormy weather is coming tomorrow.  It won’t be all day.  We’ll have a 3-5 hour window where you want to be at home and not out driving around suddenly caught in street flooding.   I thought David clearly showed the threat this evening without going into panic mode and scaring the pants off everyone.   Let’s get a good night’s sleep and be ready to react Saturday late morning into early afternoon IF damaging storms plow through.  Stay tuned!

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