Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday Lost...

Well we all knew it was coming as computer models clearly indicated today would be stormy.   It proved cancelling today’s French Quarter Festival was a wise decision.  One thing I didn’t see coming was the long “window” of rainfall as yesterday I indicated it would be 3-5 hours.   The rain started at my house before 11 and it’s still raining 10 hours later.   That has resulted in greater rainfall totals (3-5”+) than I expected even though the squall line moved quickly across SE LA between 11-1 PM.  What I didn’t see coming was a wave of low pressure developing along the front down over the Gulf.  That has keep the rain coming all day.  Fortunately, the severe threat wasn’t as bad as it could have been as all the ingredients were there for tornadoes or damaging winds.  For the most part, the damage reports were few and far between.  Cooler and drier air will be with us for the next several days and, if you’re dressed for it, the feel of the air will make it great to be outdoors.  Just to see the sun again on Sunday should uplift us all .    After all this rain, we’ll need many days to dry out and it looks like rain chances for next week will stay near zero all week.  Enjoy.  Stay tuned!


Kudos to the stations that went wall to wall with coverage this morning.   The advantage that Ch. 8 has with having VIPIR was clearly displayed as they were able to focus on individual storms to show where the danger was.   I guess I’m biased since that was my home for 38+ years!

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