Saturday, April 21, 2018

Time For Cut Off Upper Lows...

Every Spring we enter a 4-6 week stretch where upper disturbances move out of the west and get cut off from the main flow over the Southeast.   Such is the case tonight with a well-defined upper swirl centered near Wichita, KS forecasted to slowly move eastward into Kentucky by Tuesday.  Fortunately we’ll get on the dry side of this system by Sunday PM so that we won’t have to endure the days of clouds & showers that the states on the eastern side will suffer.    In fact, another strong upper system will kick this low out and deepen the east coast trough keeping us dry for all of next week.   We may see some morning showers on Sunday with a rumble of thunder, but our chances for severe weather look slim and none.   Zack Fradella (vacation relief) on FOX 8 pointed out there are no watch boxes out tonight indicating this disturbance is far weaker than last Saturday’s.  Don’t get too discouraged if Sunday begins cloudy & wet.  I expect much better weather will work its way in during the afternoon along with drier air.  Monday will be a little cooler, but we have reached the time of the year where the fronts are more dry fronts (drier air behind front) than cold fronts.   Such a problem to have!  Stay tuned!


Sports unite us and the Pelicans are doing their part.  Gayle Benson talked her husband Tom into buying the team several years back.  It was only fair to see Miss Gayle soaking in the victory this afternoon.  I’m sure Tom is smiling too!  Go Pels!

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