Thursday, April 19, 2018

What A Spring...

While the folks up north are waiting to see the first signs of Spring, we continue to enjoy what I believe to be the best stretch of Spring weather ever.  In fact, driving home from golf this afternoon, I was listening to Scoot on WWl Radio.  He mentioned how nice our weather has been lately…not too hot or too cold, but more like southern California.  I agree.  Which reminded me of my connection to Scoot.  Way back in 1983 I became the weather “Guru” for B-97 FM, which at the time was the powerhouse FM station in NOLA.  “Scoot in the morning” was how many got out of bed & off to work.   It was part of what made me popular in NOLA and I can thank Scoot for that.  Later it was Walter & Johnson, but Scoot started it all .


Today’s front really made for a pleasant afternoon and it’s almost chilly out tonight.  Friday looks super with warmer air & humidity returning for Saturday PM.  Sunday looks to see some Showers & perhaps a T-Storm, but to me it doesn’t look nearly as bad as last week’ s storms.    We start next week with comfortable temps with yet another front possible late in the week.   All in all, this April is one of our best weather months ever.   As Scoot mentioned this afternoon, get out and enjoy it as we all know what’s coming.  Stay tuned!

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