Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Will Global Warming Create Larger Hurricanes?

Yep, that is the headline on the Weather Underground blog that goes into great detail, but offers little proof that will really happen.  An Oklahoma Professor has run some computer models that suggest larger storms in the future, but the future is so far away that that prediction is not verifiable as the Prof says “tropical cyclones MIGHT change in size by the end of the century (2100)”.   So why such an alarmist headline when none of us currently alive will be able to see if he was right?   Buried in the blog was this tidbit…”the uncertainties are high, though, and there is NO EVIDENCE that storms have been getting bigger since 1981”, the beginning of the current warming cycle.   Hummm…almost 40 years of warming yet no evidence.  Oklahoma is going to have its first April ever without one single tornado report.  What happened to more frequent, more intense?    Need I say more?


Our great April continues with our next weak front pushing through around daybreak with some clouds and showers.  Another fast moving upper disturbance could bring some more clouds and showers on Friday, but with Gulf moisture limited, so should any showers.  Near perfect highs in the 70s will be followed by nights in the 50s that could require a sweater or jacket.   Saturday & Sunday will be as good as it gets for Jazz Fest & the Zurich Classic.  Suggest you remember sunscreen & a hat as the late April sun can cause a burn in less than an hour.  Get out an enjoy California in the South.  Stay tuned!

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