Sunday, May 27, 2018

Alberto Heading to Florida Beaches...

At midday, the visible satellite loop shows the low-level center of Alberto partially exposed as dry air has wrapped around the southern and eastern side of the storm.  All the T-Storms are now on the western side.  It appears to me that the center is still moving due north and has not turned back towards the west yet.  Since it's forward speed is pretty fast, it will be difficult for any major track changes to take place unless he slows down.  The latest NHC center-line track takes Alberto very near Panama City at landfall.   For us, we remain far removed from even getting much rainfall.  However, if he slows and is captured by the upper low, some of the heavy rains on the western side could back our way for late Monday & Tuesday.  If not, we'll stay mostly dry & hot.

If there are no surprises with Alberto, it will show you why I like to be the bullseye of the storm track at 5 days.  Remember when Alberto was first named, the center-line track was just to our east and we would have received some rough weather.  It is why those of you who see any of the model runs developing a storm in the Gulf beyond 7-10+ days not to put too much faith in the guidance.   I feel sad that so many businesses were affected by those early forecasts.   Lost revenue means lost tax dollars too.  Next updated tonight.  Stay tuned!

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