Friday, May 4, 2018

Weak front for Saturday...

Today I spent changing out some of my cold weather annuals for the more heat tolerant summer plants.  I like to get the new flowers started before the real heat hits, which should happen between May 15-20th.  Looking at today’s models and they show we will still have an east coast trough for the next several days and that will bring some drier air back for Sunday through Tuesday. Are only rain chances appear to be Saturday PM into early evening, and even then they shouldn’t last long.   We’ve reach the time of the year where fronts aren’t cooler, just drier.  That means daytime highs will still be warm but night time lows drop a little due to the drier air.  NHC put out a statement regarding a westward moving upper low located on the northern coast of Cuba.   They indicated there is 0% chance of development, but it could bring some heavy rains to Florida and up the east coast for early next week.  It’s a sign of the seasons as we shift from the winter time chill to the tropical summer warmth.   Stay tuned!


Watching the Pelicans stuff the Warriors tonight brought a smile to my face.   Hey, our chances of winning the series are slim & none, but at least we have given the World Champs 2 tough games.  The Pels might really be good next year IF they can sign Demarcus Cousins & another free agent who can score.  Golden State is still the class of the league, but some of their stars are getting up in age.  With Anthony Davis only 25 & Jrue Holiday 27, our future looks bright.  But what the heck, the future could be now if they play like the team I saw tonight!  Go Pels!

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