Tuesday, June 19, 2018

All Quiet On the Tropical Front...

The tropical “disturbance” that we have been following for the past week finally moved inland into south Texas.  Radar loops were showing 2 low level circulations, one north of Houston with a band of heavy squalls soaking Beaumont/Pt. Arthur with another low level swirl west of Corpus Christi producing several heavy rain bands.  Suffice to say, some locations received 5-10” of rain, but the amounts were not widespread like during Harvey last year.  Locally, most of us saw little rainfall today with those south & west getting in on some heavier showers.   Since models are showing zero tropical development during the next 7-10+ days, we could/should get into July with  nothing more than basic summer time weather…translation, hot & humid with daily spotty mainly PM storms for the next 2 weeks.     As I read more and more that an “El Nino” will be developing during August into the winter months,  my thinking is that the seasonal forecasting gurus have way over forecasted (10-16) the number of named storms for this season and we could end up with less than 10.    Just remember, Hurricane Andrew came during an “El Nino” year that  ended with only 6 named storms.  However,  it only took one major hurricane to make it a bad year.    I used to love Hurricane Season since I knew it made you pay attention to our dull daily same ole same ole summer weather.   If there was a storm in the Gulf, it was my time to shine, my time to share what I saw, what to add to what NHC was saying.   I knew the other stations would never go out on a limb, would only repeat what NHC said, would always be afraid to fail.   My motto was I’d rather be the only one right than wrong with everyone else.    I still feel that way and I’ll continue to express my views during this hurricane season.   David Bernard is as close to Bob Breck as it gets.   We sing from the same song book.  RIGHT NOW, I’m feeling better with El Nino coming on.  Stay tuned!

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